Spiti Valley – A Gateway to Heaven

Spiti valley is a cold desert located in the height of north eastern part of Himalayas in Indian state himachal Pradesh. The term spiti means “The Middle Land” as spiti valley separate india from Tibet. Spiti is a place for adventure lovers. There are lot of trekking trails that tourist can choose from, every year thousands of tourist visit spiti valley from india and abroad. The famous trail is 1.5 kilometer trek along the spiti valley from  dhankar monastery to dhankar lake promises gorgeous views of the villages below.

The another popular destination is mountain ropeway from kibber to chichum that offers spectacular views of the gorge .

Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley –

During winter time , spiti valley is closed via all routes as thick snow cover all the roads, So the best time to visit spiti valley from May to September. Only during this time of the year weather is warm enough to make way to beautiful spiti valley, during summer time the average temperature is between 15 to 20 degree.

Top 5 Places to visit in Spiti Valley –

  1. Chandra Taal Lake : This lake is located at the altitude of 4300 meter from sea level. This lake is located near kunzum pass. This is one of the best places to visit in spiti valley in June. The color of lake water is keeps changing from blue, green to reddish and orange throughout the day to make the scene panoramic.
  2. Pin Valley National Park – at the top of high range of Himalayas, pin valley national park is a huge and expensive biosphere reserve, showing you the best and fantastic view of surrounding peaks.
  3. Dhankar Lake – dhankar lake is one of the most beautiful place in spiti valley, one can visit this place in june. You can see the nature beauty at its best , June month is perfect to visit this place.
  4. Komik – Most beautiful spiti village – Situated at the height of 18000 feet, komik is the highest motorable village in the world. This village is known by less peoples. But most wonderful village is spiti valley.
  5. Kibber – locally pronounce it as kyibar, this is another beautiful village of spiti valley. Surrounded by top mountains and stretches of cold desert, you can enjoy jaw dropping views in this place. Wildlife sanctuary is one of its best attraction.

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