Pangi Valley Chamba

Pangi valley is a remote and poorly developed tribal area of District Chamba of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most remote areas in Himachal Pradesh state. Despite it being of natural beauty, it is not develop much and hidden away with uneven roads and other resources. Pangi valley is surrounded by white peaked mountains tops and trekking places those are best for adventure. The Saach pass, which is mountain pass at the height of 14500 feet, help the beautiful valley to connect tourism and easy transportation as it offers proper roadways to tourist and local peoples. It open from June to mid October and close for rest of months as there is heavy snow there.

As this area is now connected with roads and transportation , the local people have been able to sell their cash crops like peas and apples on market. The local residents of the pangi valley including pangwala and bhoti tribe, some of them being hindus and Buddhists. These local peoples have a culture of theatre and literature as well.

How to Reach Pangi Valley :

There is only way to reach pangi via roads. In emergency and and for winter food supply helicopter is available. Pangi valley is open only 3-4 months every year for tourist as other month of the year valley is closed for tourists as there is heavy snowfall and dangers of avalanches. The shortest route if from Chamba and churah over the saach pass.

There is 3 ways to reach pangi valley via road. The first route from manali to killer, second is jammu to kistwar and third is chamba to killer via saach pass.

Places of Interest:

Killar: Killar is the administrative headquarter of pangi valley surrounded by the great peaks of mountains. It is located near by the bank of river Chenab in district chamba. There are very few little shops and some government offices .

Despite the pangi valley being secluded and still relatively underdeveloped, it is a beautiful for a short trip of a few days. There are many beautiful sights such as cherry bungalow that look like they were straight out of a postcard. These attractive places are quite to spend quality time.

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