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Sirmaur is the southernmost district of Himachal pradesh. Its has many high altitude mountains surrounding and rural areas, with 90% of its population living in villages. Some of its famous towns include Nahan, Ponta Sahib and suketi.

If you tried from the hustle bustle from city life and want to getaway for few days to relax and live admist hills and forests. Sirmaur is the right place for you to spend you weekend and holidays in the town. Sirmaur is like heritage town and 90% of peoples are still live in villages, it shows that people are close to nature and hence this place is untouched by industries.  A lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables like apple , ginger, potatoes, tomatoes, monges, walnut are grown here.


This mesmerizing district was founded by Raja Rasaloo of jaisalmer in 1090 and was named Sirmaur as a tribute of of the ancestors of the king.

Best Places to Visit in Sirmaur

1. Churdhar : Situated at the height of 3646 meters from Sea level, this is the most beautiful and pious place in not only sirmaur but also in Himachal Pradesh.  At the top lord Shiva temple is situated many peoples are coming to visit this place to offer prayer. This place is also a famous trekking place for many travelers.

2. Renuka Ji : This place is well known for ancient lake called Renuka Lake and one of the major pilgrim spots in Himachal Pradesh. Renuka ji also home of wildlife reserve. many estival are organized in this place.

3. Haripur : Haripur is situated at the altitude of 2687 meter from sea level atop a mountain called haripur dhar. in this town a old fort is also constructed by the rulers of sirmaur that attract the overlooks the entire valley.

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